Roche / KAPA HypeCap Workflow v3.0 Bunlde

KAPA is one the latest sub-brand from Roche which entered the game recently, briefly:
KAPA HyperCap Workflow is the latest innovation from Roche’s continuously evolving NGS sample prep portfolio.
KAPA is bringing industry-leading sequencing efficiency to Target Enrichment and Library Preparation workflows to elevate translational and clinical research. It’s an area in which Roche has been a pioneer for over a decade, combining a deep understanding of NGS Target Enrichment with proven and demonstrated design expertise.

Roche is dedicated to accelerating clinical research, streamlining workflows and expanding assay menus to unlock access to genomic data and lower barriers for routine use.By enhancing sequencing efficiency, it is possible to unlock the true potential of the starting material and spend more time making a difference.

For this requirement, I had the pleasure to build several brand asset starting first with:

  • studio of the logo and palette combo
  • a consistent imagery language (which helped me initiate the key-visual as well)
  • a clear and efficient typography hierarchy either for print and digital

Since the primary goal was to target the new generation of researchers and doctors, the ideal look I was searching and creating for KAPA is composed by a minimalistic, bold yet highly recognizable design which had to spread consistently all over the several graphical output, such as:

  • landing page
  • brochures 
  • posters
  • sell sheet
  • technical documents

The design displayed is a simple bundle mock-up in order to collect all the KAPA products in one view.