Roche / Cobas® Infinity One Pager design

cobas® infinity is a highly flexible and scalable series of innovative digital products, designed to help manage all of your tasks and work processes in all of the different work areas.It is a comprehensive management tool designed to keep customers in the driver seat. It collects all the data needed and brings it together on your screen.

cobas® infinity is a conservative brand, very solid, but that doesn't means there isn't enough room for a ad hoc rebrand.

For the following task in particular, two one pager for researcher and lab director, I had the chance to implement several important upgrades into the overall layout and design and also into the key visual, in which was possible to display a new look and feel type and a light photo-retouch as well.

On behalf the layout, I made a little deep-dive on which order and aspect ratio was doable into the grid for the content and the graphical element; after different solutions, I opted for a light overlap between key visual and the intro claim plus, I chose one font class instead of two, specifically a sans serif.
The new look I implemented for the Key Visual has the intent of displaying a "hero", target 25-35 years old, portrayed on profile and when possible alone in the lab environment, this in order to underlined how cobas® infinity keep customers in the driver seat in full control of the lab situation.