Kaspersky / Tomorrow Ready Pitch

Kaspersky is a product developed a the Russian tech company: the Kaspersky Lab. The Kaspersky antivirus are dedicated either for companies and private user. 
In 2019 Kaspersky products were awarded 64 firsts and achieved 70 top-three finishes. The TOP3 metric represents the aggregate scores achieved by over 80 well-known vendors in the security industry’s most respected, independent tests and reviews.

My duties for this specific task were the following:
photo manipulation, photo retouch, look and feel implementation and the overall  layout set up and optimization.

The idea behind was to create a Caravaggio look alike and furthermore, to melt it with the slogan and the target group, in order to highlight the outstanding, ad hoc cyber security services  which Kaspersky provides.

For the record, we won the Pitch and since then, we guided Kaspersky into a new communication channel development.

Date: 2020 / Client: Kaspersky / Role: Art Director, Final Artist /