Adidas–Parley / Summer Season 2018

For us who loves to stare at the beauty, in this ocean made of advertisement where everything is so, so immensely disposable, in between all the social media's ripetitive seaweed, a meaningless labyrinth, where hungry false values with a white shark's mouth, always biting, are hiding close to our feets,
for us, it is deadly hard to swim forward, we easily get lost sometimes, get lost in fear, and indecision, at the mercy of these waves made of frequent and risky employment transitions, draining all our energies trying to breathe a little more and see where to aim, the salty taste of the sea, it rains over oceans as well.

For us and only for us, sometimes happens something special, and when we are on the right route, it keeps repeating.
Perhaps is a flash of trust, or it could looks like a bird, gracefully moving into a thunder of nonsense bullshit.

For me was being part of the collaboration between Adidas and Parley.

I come from and Island called Sardegna, a little piece of paradise, which suffers as well about the infamous non-biodegradable plastic overcome.
I've read more about Parley after watching the documentary, year 2015: "UN X PARLEY: OCEANS. CLIMATE. LIFE. An alliance to make peace between humankind and its life support system: the Oceans", a great deepdive into the many layers of the growing problem and its practical and functional solutions.

Now, what happened in 2017? Happened that Adidas sold 1 million shoes made out of ocean plastic, each pair of shoes reuses 11 plastic bottles.
And that's is just a part of the process.

For the swimsuit season summer 2018 A-P chose a great testimonial: Coralie Balmy "an Olympian, ecologist, freestyle swimmer and ocean lover since birth. Her home and memories are intertwined with the marine environment."
So far, this still undoubtedly, the most challenging project I had the pleasure to develop as Web Designer, Supervisor and Human Behaviour. 

The projects included the design of the website, its UX and UI and within the same criteria, three landing pages for desktop and mobile display.
Each website or related design was composed by different brand conform assets such as Masthead, Banners, Special Teasers, Feature Slack and Image grids.