Adidas / Fabela X: launch 2017

My first challenging project in 2017 was for Adidas and the revolutionary shoe "Fabela X",  a gamechanger for all the female profy in fieldhockey.

Beside all the graphics elements like Key Visual, banners and Editorial Stacks, which are mostly still, in order to conquer the attention of our audience, we promoted as well the idea of two Short Movies, one for the prelaunch and one for the show off, that we easily display over the Instagramm Channel "Adidas FieldHockey". Technically, we planned to work only with the instagramm's format 1080x0180px, because of this, within the right design, the perspective can emphasize even more the X moment. We liked the idea of the X as main, dominant element, describing  X possibilities, X chanches, X games, X scores and so on.
For the prelaunch movie, I wanted to work within really fast frames displaying the X element as core motive: that X can be found everywhere, within different meanings and backgrounds, but all with the same target in common: in whatever situation, reflects what you are able to do with your own skills, .

In the the showoff movie I gave more of an epic status, remarking the look and fell which was already clear and well define trough the Key Visuals (Credits @ Aleksei Goferman).

Now, an year later, the two shortmovies have the highest viewscore in the channel Instagramm Adidas-FieldHockey:

Almost 16,000 views for the prelaunch and 28,300 for the show-off, I suppose it went well.

Beside the work, I am happy to know trough the comments, reviews and feedbacks that a lot of athletes, those that are working hard on the field, could improve and increase their performance, and with that, before all, the game .

Date: 05. 2017 / Client: Adidas ( Agency: Pascher+Heinz ) / Role: Designer / URL: / Tags: for courtesy to: Pascher+Heinz /