Adidas / HYBRID 300

These series was created for the new entry in house Adidas Boxe: the HIBRID 300 and its testimonial Chris Algieri.

I was incharge of exploring different graphical solution focused on the layout, especially following quarters grids within 3 or two pictures.
I wanted to draw the attention on the products and it usability under difference performances ( still/defense/attack ) without keeping it too static, somehow I realized that some pictures had a sort of natural followup even when being shot in different angles or prospectives, so I had to let it go keeping a certain chorographical structure given by movements, geometry and impacts. 

The last 3 have being chosen has new wallpaper, so i set them up on stage.

Date: 07.2017 / Client: Adidas ( Agency: Pascher+Heinz ) / Role: Designer / Tags: ( for courtesy to: Pascher+Heinz ) /