Across the Sea / a Poster Movie

This project was developed only via hand drawing and Photoshop.

Samuele, old high-school buddy, asked me if I was interested in creating a poster for a independent short movie in which he was staring as main and only actor.
After having a pleasant chat with the movie director I moved on with the request: create a movie poster within an abstract touch.


There is a view of a beach, noone is there but a man, a man who seems to be lost for an unknown amount of time.
His body is proved by a long starving, his nails are dirty, broken, his lips and skin are dry and burned by the sun, the eyes almost blinded by the light.

Listening to his thoughts it seems he can't recall anything about his whereabouts, he doesn't know how he landed there neither the reason.
The main character tries to find a way out, if there is any, especially trough the sea, failing miserably many and many times.

His inner voice began to shape its own will, speaking its own thoughts or questioning the reality of the situation until a very borderline scenario. 

Maybe the man developed a form of schizofrenia under a form of a calm, slow, warm voice: at times it sounds friendly at times cruel. Eventually, the voice, this persistent element guides the man into a difficult path into the truth, moving him away from the sea and finally finding out that he was few, long steps from civilization.

The movie has a very noise, suffocating photocomposition, the overall atmosphere is cold and static despite being situated in a place full fo light, like a beach.
After I dived different times into the movie's meaning, I decide to have a couple of wine glass and started to draw the character portrait first, moving then to the layout, its grid composition and the main graphical elements.

Additionally, I have manipulate each draw via photoshop, in order to add and fix under which color scheme the poster had to be display.

By mistake, the director saw the poster when it wasn't finalize yet, and he picked it up so has it was: I never really had the chance to put the line "the end" to the project.
I can say the whole job was a movie it self.

 The short has being displayed at different independent movies festival, collecting outstanding critics and feedbacks.

Date: 2019 / Client: - / Role: - /