cobas® infinity lab solution / app prototyping and redesign

cobas® infinity laboratory solution take integration to the next power: in order to succeed, you need more than systems that work in harmony.
You need integration that unlocks exponentially greater performance.
cobas® infinity laboratory solution was designed from the drawing board for people to work to their full potential: With cobas® infinity laboratory solution powering your lab, performance that was once not possible, is now reality.

This is the very first app I had the pleasure to prototype entirely via sketch, within some elements developed via photoshop and illustrator.
The concept started with the intention of display the app only on pads: as matter of fact, from our research it is the item widely and mostly used in labs when it comes to screen ad hoc applications.

Design wise, which started within a minimalistic look and feel, I proposed a recognizable brand color scheme firstly to clearly target each of the 3 users and secondary in order to spread and set the same scheme over the whole UI, which has to stay consistent either when using the color pattern in different grades of opacity.
The overall layout and its UX elements (menu, sidebar, interaction items and CTA) has been regularly A/B tested and improved accordingly the design and the placement.
The journey spread smoothly into each chapter, providing clear content and input at the stage reached, important to underline the particular attention I gave to the loading time.
The App received very positive feedback, its readability and usability were outstanding compare to competitors products.

Given the re-design and its brand upgrade, another important element to focus on was iconography: those where developed entirely via Illustrator, each in negative, black and colored, eventually exported in in png and svg format. 
The output you can view here, aside of the core app stages, is the same mockup and product on stage which was presented to the client under the new graphics. 

Date: 2020 / Client: cobas® infinity laboratory solution / Role: Art Director, Supervisor /