OPSUMIT® / Webinar Redesign

A simple redesign for the OPSUMIT® webinar.

The request consisted in creating the redesign for the layout, graphics and content.
The focus was not only on the conception and the redesign it self, also to reach a comfortable content readability and setting a tangibile graphical consistency, especially for the Kaplan–Meier estimator.
The whole UI-UX was very basic since each of the slides were stand-alone stage or could land to another reference slide via a pop-up or CTA, moreover we drove rounds of internal a/b testing in order to test the display either on desktop and tablet.
Unfortunately, I can only provide you the proposal that was accepted, nevertheless in certain occasions, a well presented mockup helps to resume or brief clearly the goal than having to stare face to face at whole project.



Date: 2016 / Client: Actellion / Role: Art Director /