Incyte / Website Prototype

Incyte is an American pharmaceutical company based in Alapocas, Delaware.
Incyte has one drug, Jakafi, which has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has been prescribed to several thousands of patients in the United States.

The following project shows how the Incyte Corporate should look like.
The prototype and its purpose is to introduce the Incyte's mentality and product in the German market, in fact there are two main group we want to involve, which are patient and doctors*.
In order to keep the focus on the content, my main idea is to create a design with an essential, clear and sober look and feel, within a responsive architecture.

*Through a log-in it will be possible to consult a landing page (mainly for doctors) with the drug specification and information: 

you can easily check the project in my portoflio. 

Date: 2016/2017 / Client: Incyte / Role: Art Director / Tags: UI, UX, Web Design /