BNC / "The CHAOS creator" videogame

The Chaos Creator video game project developed for BNC, leader in IT infrastructures and data centers, which are implemented customized and on budget, can be briefly resumed in three points:

• Compelling and engaging game play

• Bring across the benefit of BNC/Checkpoint solutions

• Lead Generation

The graphical appearance is arcade rooted, mirroring the retro graphic design that were hip during the boom of video game market in early 90, the game's lore is very accessible and captivating either for people who hardly ever play video-games, basically the player is a hacker: he must get into the system by using known exploits, weaknesses, security flaws and bugs. and obviously If you break the system, you will be rewarded.

The game spread into 3 Levels highlighting different topics of Checkpoint solutions

Each stage has a specific topic 

• Thema I: On-Premis Security

• Thema II: Cloud Security

• Thema III: Integrated Security (On-Prem, Cloud, Client + Mobile)

Also some extras are in monitor, such us

• Tutorial / Orientation level without scoring

• Every level has an intro and outro screen to set the stage and explain the product

One last note about the mechanism and game engine:

• Every level consists of 4 vectors of attack

• Once the attack is active ( it will be highlighted), player can start his gameplay

• After 10 successful attacks, the stage has be beaten

• The active timing attack get shorter stage after stage, forcing the player to improve reflex and accuracy

• The sequence the attack vectors are activated is fully random

• Every stage has a timer running down from 30 seconds

• After the timer has run out with out completing all successful attacks, the game is over, insert coin.  

I will bypass the detailed development process the it department and me were involved into the two weeks sprint: mostly we were running a/b test to understand  in which environment the game could perform better and several test ad hoc "per persona" when concerned about readability or stage journey. 

By being a gamer my self and a creative designer, the graphical development of a video game was and still is, one of the most project I can be proud of being involved with.
I decided to ran little out of rail in concerne of the video game concept, I was sure once the graphic and its item were implemented in the game scenario, thanks to the smooth interaction, the sounds effects and the animation of static design, the ultimate result was very well perceived by the client and side partners: this project actually establish a new input milestone, in fact after the chaos creator, I was responsible on the design of two more video game for mobile and pad:
Havoc, which has similarities in terms of game play, but developed within a more futuristic look and fell and a new graphic approach.
The Lab, si about a 2d player moving inside a true roche laboratory, surrounded by a system of roche and cobas® machines, adjusting them as fast as possible anytime a piece break up.

Date: 2020 / Client: BNC - Business Network Communication / Role: Art Director / Supervisor /