The Marble Grape / LP cover illustration

"Without music, life would be a mistake" 

so Nietzsche described the importance of music in our journey on planet Earth, and I do totally agree with his quote. I do listen to a lot of music, to every available genre, at times light years different one from the other:  all jazz variations, brit-pop, Italian songwriters, French songwriters, rock, hard rock, metal variations, goth, instrumental, electronic and many others.

Over the last years, I discover a genre that influenced my personal and professional daily routine because of its unique sound, it went from an underground niche to a worldwide phenomenon, also it has been largely implemented in the advertisement as well: synth-wave music. Sadly I can't discuss here the roots of synth-wave therefore I just strongly suggest you to give it a try.

There are many talented synth-wave musicians out there, not all of them have the success they deserve, they don't have a manager and mostly their works are recorded in a small amount from independent record label...perhaps that could be the reason why they can explore freely the boundaries of their compositions in a way that hardly can become mainstream:    

Marble ( the marble grapes) is one of them. 

Marble is a she, a visionary polinstrumentalist: for the design concept of her first LP she calls out a competition among her listener, there was no typical prize, just a LP copy from a limited printed amount: needless to admit that it has to be mine.

I believed a hand-draw portrait was a must so I started the draw of her with the intention of reaching something like a sparkle but also obscure and fragile at the same time. Since the first proposal, she reaches me out with positive feedbacks, which motivated me to move on to a second phase and arrange the draw in photoshop, and the LP's layout via InDesign.

The final output is the one you are visioning now.

Date: 2020 / Client: - / Role: Creative Freelancer /