It is nice to have you here, did I tell you?

I am glad to meet you, my name is Nicola, I come from Sardegna, a lil shape of paradise in the middle of the Mediterraneo Sea.

I am a Creative Designer with a solid background in Design and Architecture and since four years and something I am based in Munich.

I know there is a lot of competition out there, so as a sponsor, I have my mom.
Since the early 80's my mom knew I wanted to became a designer, even if I was barely able to take a pencil in my hand!
In fact, to prove her my outstanding talent, for several years I randomly left small piece of arts here and there all over the house,
especially over some precious forniture or some brand new painted wall, over the dog too.

Well, that is true, for it's worth.

All that I can remember is that I became professionally active in the Design field during the years 2006/2007:
hired by the Politecnico of Milano, I was supporting the Council of Milan creating different graphical output for the EXPO 2015 and the territorial administration plan or PGT.

Since then, I' ve collected significant experience as freelance and employee and most important, 

I had the pleasure to cooperate and collaborate together with great people.

It is true, Learning is a never ending process, nevertheless I think it is necessary to give that process a clear, clean prospective.

I think, the most efficient method in order to increase any professional development is by being dynamically curious into any project's scenario. 

Curiosity, is also the main reason behind each work in my Portfolio.

An intense desire to know and understand how functionality coexist with beauty and viceversa.

Enjoy and have a nice day!